Your Hidden Safe Room

A Safe Room has to be well planned and executed in order to protect you from anticipated or potential threats.

The first step towards planning your safe room is to perform a Security Assessment.

This means we design the safe room to be built first and foremost with you, not the safe room, in mind.
This includes a quick survey of your site and a presentation of options designed to optimize the security and safety afforded by your safe room.

Depending on your requirements and the space available, the next step is to design the safe room to include the desired -

Capabilities & Features –

  • Stealth
  • Secure entry and exit
  • Fireproofing
  • Bulletproofing
  • Hurricane / Tornado proofing
  • Emergency Communications suite (Police/EMS notification/phones/CCTV/internet)
  • Auxiliary power
  • Manual back-up systems
  • Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical air filtration systems
    (Protect your family from avian influenza (bird flu) )
  • Secure vent systems
  • Climate controls
  • Additional comfort amenities (i.e.,running water)
  • Emergency rations
What is unique about us?

Discretion. We use systems and techniques the limit the number of people who know about the existence or location of your safe room. We are typically the last service company to work on site and we adhere to a policy of absolute secrecy concerning our work and clients.

Concealment. Our specialty is stealth. We don’t just assemble a safe room, we hide it so that intruders don’t know it’s there.

Experience. We have 25 years of installation experience and have installed our products throughout the United States and Europe. Each of our installers brings at least 12 years of experience with our company.

Service. We’ll be there for you afterwards, to maintain and service your investment.